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What is Mega888?

MEGA888 is an professional home entertainment app, it has included all sort of games up to 300 types with two types of catergory such as live streaming gaming session and slot game.

Service We Provide

As Slot Games, which is typical type of slot games you see out in the public casino and other online platform. But we dint stop there, we did provide Live show game such as Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack 21.

In Live Games, your hand of cards will be shown directly right on time by livestream video straight from the casino table to reduce risk of cheating and fixed hands. Using the latest technology and stable server to avoid suddent disconnection and slow connection issue.

you will be able to communicate and chat with other Players and Dealer from all over the world too!

Where Did MEGA888 apk download From

Mega888 is been carryon from China Since 2019, after Online gaming has been widely spread across Asia. According to customer survey, most of our customer love Mega888 the most compared to other games out there, so we do remain classic and being much more professional to continue serving customers passion!

Great Gaming Quality And Experience

Mega888 is a high-end gaming platform for all sort of customer enjoying all sort of games you can find in current casino, example as roulette, poker, slots, baccarat and others. Players can enjoy games in Tablets, Pc, Laptop and even smart phones. Our server was well maintained by professional IT tech team to ensure secure and stable connection.

Safety And Fastest Service

The main reason that most of the people did not play online its because of the risk of safety. And players are worry about data lost and leak of payment details, In MEGA888 is hassle-free with all sort of problems. Our counter provide fastest processing service to ensure customer get their winnings and reload! Another reason to play online is to avoid fixed-hands and cheating. Our games is developed using advance casino algorithm from a team of mathematics elites to create a fair and square environment for our players.

New Playstyle and Attractive

Sometimes playing the same game over and over, might make someone lose interest in doing something they love. What if I told you that we have a solution for this? At MEGa888, we have a variety of ways for you to enjoy the games you’ve always loved with different themes and mechanics.

24/7 Customer Service

Sometimes things don’t go the way we want. In the case of online casinos, sometimes the money put into your account does not show up or you forget your account password. Don’t worry because our customer support team is online and ready to meet your needs at all times. Whether it’s 12pm or 3am, our team is ready to help along with specific details on how to solve your problem.

Low TopUp Rate

Maybe you have a little extra money, just want to relax, or feeling lucky, you can expend a little energy playing our games. Well, regarding online casinos like MEGA888 the minimum point purchase is RM30. So, no matter how bad your day is, you can always come and enjoy. There are certain other casino companies that have very high point purchases, this would causing some unnecessary trouble to those who just wanted to enjoy small bets!

Bonus And Promotions

Having bad luck? Feel that today is not your day? Don’t worry because at Tv Casino, we help you get back on your feet. If you are unlucky and have suffered a net loss in the last few days, we will refund a percentage of your total loss for the week. This can not only help us in maintaining our relationship, but also help you reduce losses so that it is easier to get back what you lost.

Mega888 IOS Download Direction

Tap on Iphone Setting Icon
Press on General Section

Tap on Profile after that Device Management.
  • Step 1: Open Up Your Phone Setting By pressing This Icon.
  • Step 2: Tap on General.
  • Step 3: Tap on Profile Then Tap on Management
  • Step 4: Select China Southern Airlines
  • Step 5: Confirm Trust China Southern Airlines and confirm again.
  • Step 6: Enjoy The Game!

Tap on trust button For two times and you’re done!