Lucky Palace (LPE88) : Infinity Possibilities And Jaw-Dropping Reward


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Lucky Palace (LPE88), newly release in early 2015 till now. Lots of players enjoy lucky palace due to easier menu interface and It has come with 300+ games included. Players can enjoy multiple of winning lines and style on each of the slots games with full of surprises!


After years of development by our R&D teams, today we are proud to introduce a newly innovated mobile version of online games to malaysia. Malaysia most favorite In-house Gaming APP, Luck Palace! Lucky Palace provide in the list of 150+ games all over the platform in order to gain great attraction to all of our players and it did give a big impact to the mass market, Lucky Palace provide large variety of games up to 150+ games with countless ways of winning line and style to make sure our customer is surprised and always feel fresh in our games!


As a professional In-house entertainment platform, we do not simply put in everything. Rollex-casino hand picked all virtual-favorited casino games to help our players to focus just in one game, so that our players can fully enjoy all of his favorite in just one app.

Demo Gameplay on Lucky Palace


As what we see, Blood in the water attract sharks, A great platform does attract professional players to dive into our games, Lucky Palace allow player to lay on their own strategies toward winnings! Most of our players are deeply a risk taker, The bigger the risk the bigger reward laying behind it. But Luck Palace does allow player to bet in low wins to enlarge the bankroll for bigger bets, So keep betting it for a bigger win rates!


We do agree that sometimes its not a winning day for players, There is risk that players will lose all of their point in just a short period. As a Trusted Dealer we deeply feel you, since the winning algorithm is fixed and its off your prediction might cost a large amount of losing, Rollex-casino did refund some of the losing to our players to keep the chance of winning in the future, So that our player don’t gave to Top-Up more points to keep on playing.

How Do We withdraw From LPE88 ?

To withdraw your winnings or funding, kindly contact our authorized broker via whatsapp or telegram, Our customer service is 24hours operation. Dont be worry! All of the Transactions will be done by our Back-end service team. Your can also review your transaction record from your own dashboard in order to trace your history record. All transaction has no hidden chargers or fees. So player can withdraw quick and easy anytime.


There is CERTAIN people trying to earn some fast money without any effort or risk, which is greatly unfair to the others player and is its a big disrespect to the vision of the games itself. But since LP88 is developed by a world leading software company. which is mainly designing casino games for Local Casinos. They would not allow such things to be happened. Every LP88 customer data and software algorithm is stored in a secure server based on local data bank server company using latest industrial grade fire wall software and encryption in order to protect customer’s data. So it would be impossible to cheat or hack during gaming.


In order to secure customer data, LP88 is running a server maintenance in a strict schedule, It takes time to Update the firewall software to the latest version to keep away any hacking possibilities. During the update period, players would receive an server downtime notice, usually server downtime would take 1-2 days to run maintenance. LP88 is running on multiple country, so server downtime would be running according to the country. During server downtime, rollex casino promised that all sort of customer data and points would be remain in order, so players won’t have to worry about losing any points or winnings.